Monday, January 30, 2012

Sail Fast, Live Slow

Set sail from Bequia to St. V today. Tomorrow I go home. Clean the boat when we got in and had lunch. I am now ASA 101 and 103 certified, which is one of the goals I had come here to pursue. My hotel room overlooks Blue lagoon and the ocean past that. I smoked a Cuban cigar, watched the sun set and rum. I am no longer moving, which is an odd feeling. My bed stays in one place, and the lapping of the ways against the hull no longer lulls me to sleep. Tomorrow I board a plane and head back to winter, civilization and responsibility. I will leave behind a lifestyle I have grown to adore. I learned to skipper, sail, navigate and take care of a 44 foot sailboat and crew. I learned more about photography, which I hope you enjoyed. (Find me on facebook for the whole album.) I learned to once again fall in love with the stars, music and the sea.

Above all I learned to sail fast, live slow.

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