Monday, January 30, 2012

Take me to the water


Woke up this morning and headed to the boat. Her name is Andato, and she is a 44 foot Gib’Sea, probably older than I am. Lacking the modern cruising amenities (furling main/ electric winches-though we do having a furling jib, but we will be attaching and running up an older style, non furling one) means we will learn lots! I took the American Sailing Association 101 test (Basic Keelboat) and got 7 wrong, meaning I passed. So did Dad, which I was rather worried about because he had been super busy and not been able to study much. At 1:48 pm we “got out of town on a boat to the southern islands on a reach for following seas.” Fins up!

We made it across the channel to Bequia, the largest island of the Grenadines. Dad steered and I set the jib. Now I am sitting on the bow under a full moon among 50 ships- the mast head lights also look like stars. Dinner was lobster quesadillas at a bar in Port Elizabeth where I had more Hairoun. Tomorrow we sail for 4 hours South and will again practice anchoring and points of sail. I am absorbing and understanding the information from the classes very well.

There were big waves today, ocean rollers coming in from Africa. Gear and Dad holding up well. Still surprised by the lack of tourists, really only yatchies. Excited for our sail tomorrow!

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