Monday, January 30, 2012

Laid back and Cay wasted


two rum punches and a hairoun into the evening at writing-

Morning started with ride to Baradol, a small island in the Cays. We did the white sandy beach on a deserted isle thing. Scott, Dad and I hiked a bit and found iguanas which would give Godzilla a fright. The water was a dreamy blue color

We snorkeled out to the reef protecting the cays and swam through coral fields teeming with wildlife. On the swim back to the boat I had to stop and let a school of 100 black fish the size of basketballs swim through. I felt like I was at a stoplight in Finding Nemo. We picked Dad up off the island and headed through a channel past all the catamarans and saw the Royal Clipper as we came around the leeward side of an island. We headed to sea to practicing tacking and jibing. Dad’s seasickness got the best of him so Scott and I took him to Union Island and he will make his way back to Wisconsin. It was great having him along. I don’t know how many more times we will get to spend together. Now I am alone abroad. Again.

We made fish for dinner which superb. There is a bar at the head of the harbor-made of conch shells and cement. The younger guys all went for rum punch where we were solicited for prostitution and local agrarian products. I think. Saw a shooting star. I continue my Caribbean adventures minus one Weller.

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