Monday, January 30, 2012

Yo ho, Yo ho a Pirate's life for me


I had breakfast by the sea, and then we drove for a few hours through towns and villages along the coast. The area was gorgeous and the people were all smiles. They look different than those from TnT. Lots of men were walking down the roads, with dreadlocks. Many of them also had backpacks and machetes, meaning they were tending to the country’s GDP in the mountains. As we drive I am in the backseat, meaning it is hard to take photographs.

Our driver is named Phyllis and has lived in St. Vincent all her life. She has a wonderful jovial way of speaking, wishing friends a “blessed day.” I notice as she greats other women they both use the term “mon” which I assumed was only meant for males as an accented way of saying “man.”

We make it to Dark View falls where we ventured between the low and high falls after crossing river a few times. On the way back we stopped at Wallibou, the dilapidated set location for much of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. It lacked few interesting things for tourists, but did have a bar with rum (naturally I indulged in the local specialty of rum punch.) It was still awesome to see the place where some of my favorite movies have been shot.

There are few Americans on St. Vincent, apparently they congregate in the southern Grenadines, away from things (like people, and presumably the law.) A Jimmy Buffett book once warned not to question the histories of American’s met in the Banana republics which is fine as other than the Barefoot staff I haven’t seen any. Actually I haven’t seen really any tourists, although there is a cruise ship in port. The tourist infrastructure is also lacking; I haven’t witnessed a t shirt or postcard for sale. Tomorrow I go sailing!

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