Monday, January 30, 2012

Nothin' but a breeze


6:15pm Sitting on a mountain top while the sun bids adieu to the Caribbean. An hour ago I had rum and our boat played Bob Marley’s “No, woman, no cry” as we gently rocked in the bay. I watched the sun start to set and the stars start to come out.

Got to shoot stars tonight on a beach. I am getting up in a few hours for the Southern Cross.

Practiced man overboard and points of sail stuff today. Got mom her vanilla. Finally found a tourist shop in the town we left Dad off in-but it lacked postcards. I wonder where he is now? He would have loved the stars before the moon washed them out. Definitely will need to come here in the summer for the Milky Way.

“Jimmy, I wish you would take me
Where the grass is greener
I really couldn't say where it may be
Somewhere up high on a mountain top
Or down by the deep blue sea”

-Nothin’ but a breeze

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