Monday, January 30, 2012

St. Vincent, Grenada, oh I want to take you...


When we made it to the Grenadines I immediately got fresh fish and a local brew called Hairoun (great stuff, much like what Landshark Lager tries to be.)

In our flat we met our neighbors who offered us dinner and drinks. They worked at Barefoot, the school we were learning sailing from. Chris was the director and Scott would be our teacher for the week. The weather is gorgeous, around 80 degrees with strong easterly winds (the reason this area is so wonderful for sailing.) We learned that the coast guard doesn’t work (the boat is currently beached) so other sailors provide the rescue, and that roughly 50% of the GDP comes from marijuana. This also means anyone attempting to get anything done must do so before noon as people are either drunk, high, or napping. Seems like a perfect pirate hideaway.

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