Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This was a pretty eclectic weekend. On Friday afternoon my girlfriend and I went to Dos Rios, a downtown Mexican Restaurant. They have one of the best margaritas I have ever had. The food is particularly good as well. I had a seasoned shrimp and rice.

Saturday morning I was at an “Outclass your competition/Dinning with Diplomats” etiquette luncheon. This was put on at no cost to us by the LEAD concentration (http://www.drake.edu/catalog/ugrad/artsci/leadershipconc.php) at Drake, of which I am a member. We learned networking basics-I apparently close my eyes when meeting someone (so that I can remember their face and name) however it comes off as odd to the other person. Information was presented on body language and posture (my go-to, “at ease” hands behind my back stance when mingling/ waiting was deemed inappropriate in the civilian world because my hands cannot be seen, thus creating an acute sense of wonder/distrust.) We then moved into a receiving line and a three-course formal business meal complete with continental vs. American dining styles, toasts, and a discussion on the difference between social and business dining. This was the first time I had even been through the dinner portion of these classes and the Tero (http://www.tero.com/) folks did a splendid job.

Saturday afternoon I got to finish up a fair amount of reading followed by a jaunt downtown with my girlfriend and a close friend of ours. I am eternally in search for the best cheeseburger possible, and think I have found it at Americana, also located downtown Des Moines. The restaurant is a very urban feel with a large mix of clientele. Heading to our table we walked past some young professionals acting out what looked like an adult prom, dressed to the nines. We were fine in business causal attire (I had a t-shirt on underneath my blazer in preparation to catch the Drake game afterwards.) The prices are fine for a weekend dinner, and the food is simply amazing!

After stopping by another watering hole, the girlfriend and I ended up listening to the Live Jimmy Concert in Orlando (thank you internet radio) which was an amazing way to cap off the evening.

Keeping with the “chill” vibe of the weekend, as I was getting ready today “A Pirate’s look at 40” came on my speakers in my basement. I hoped into my hammock, which I strung up yesterday and was overcome with the swaying of the ocean and the sounds of the Mayor of Margaritaville.

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