Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm Blue (toothin')

My macbook is going to be too heavy for the Caribbean adventure. I will be packing up all of my camera gear and a few pair of clothes in one bag. The airport layovers, ship to shore moving and town wandering I will undoubtedly do pretty much only allows for one bag. I will pack lite so we may go fast. I have agonized over the lightness of a tab (like Ipad or Galaxy Tab). Most of my computing involves writing (like this,) internet browsing and email. However a tab won't let me edit the photos that I take on my trips-a necessity for long term travel. At times like this, a rather short trip it is not worth bringing my laptop. Therefore for Christmas I picked up a wireless keyboard, and can use my phone as a storage device-relying on bluetooth technology. I am currently typing this post on the keyboard and phone combo and am ready to be able to blog from where the water is warm and free. (I will have to backdate everything, akin to this time last year when I did not have an internet connection due to the Egyptian Government throwing their country into the stone age)

Caveat: Ian, why don't you just hand write it?

My handwriting is atrocious, and I have an extra battery, so this will work fine without having to retype it all out. Plus I am significantly faster on a keyboard (even this new folding one) than I am with a pen and paper.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fins Up!

*Crack* Clank (of bottle cap)*Fizz*…”Fin’s up!”

The Landshark Lager kisses my lips in what is probably my favorite post to tell you about (without being shot at.) In honor of my fascination with Jimmy Buffett, sailing, travel, and rum, I looked into a way to change my latitudes and attitude this winter. My father and are will be heading for a week to the Grenadines (look it up) southeast of disorder (southern Caribbean.)

This will be the farthest south I have ever been, and if my astronomical calculations are correct, should allow me to see the Southern Cross (a Crosby Stills Nash and Young song, with a wonderful cover, by the mayor of Margarittaville himself.) I have never gotten to fully appreciate the Southern Caribbean. I had the opportunity to for my last graduation present, but the needs to the State Department outweigh family time on a cruise ship. Therefore I am stoked to head down there.

I will be learning to sail. By learning I mean I will be in an intensive class which will result in certification to charter a boat (Captain Weller, at your service.) So far the island has been getting hit with 20knot winds (Christmas Winds) which means I will learn a lot very quickly. The classroom will be a step up from my Hobie Cats on Gray’s Lake; a 40+ foot sailboat.

This will allow me to live out most of my fantasy’s as a pirate. The outfit we are going through is called Barefoot Sailing School. I will have more on the trip as I prep in the upcoming week. Till then,

Fins up!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dec 7th...

Two years ago today I walked into an office. I saw a photograph of the USS Arizona Memorial hanging on the wall. Next to it was the USS Missouri…

She only talked about it once. I wish I would have asked more. She passed away when I was in grade school. She told us a story about how she was mad at the Navy for running a drill on a Sunday morning. As she wheeled her hurt charges out onto the patio, she could hear the planes come low over the pass. They were so low, she could see the pilots, who tipped their wings as they waved. Then they saw the red meatball, and shortly after heard the sounds and sirens from the harbor below…

I walked into the Navy office two years ago on December 7th 2009 to start the process of becoming a Naval Officer. On December 17th 2010, I took my oath. That was the same day as my grandmother’s, who served at Pearl, birthday. My grandmother passed away when I was in 5thgrade, in 2001. It is in part of her memory and the memory of the date which will live in infamy, to which I will take my commission as a Naval officer.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Puttin' on the Ritz

This last week has been a whirlwind of fraternity experiences, culminating in my initiation and the chartering of the chapter. This has taken us more than two years and it was positively a highlight of my Drake experience. I have learned many things along the way, which did not cease, even as I prepared for our banquet. One of our founders, Andrew Alexander Kroeg, Jr. is sporting a bowtie in the iconic photograph associated with the fraternity’s founding. In true respect to our founders and roots of the South, many of our men decided to sport the same. I distinctly remember two other times having to wear a bowtie (both proms.) I remember asking my dad about tying them and he said just get a clip on. I also remember reading a James Bond book, in which Ian Fleming distinctly stated “Bond never wore a clip on.” Therefore I would not wear one.

I really like wearing one. I was not worried about having to check the length of my tie, nor was I getting it stuck in food. I also did not have to tuck it in or throw it over my shoulder. Bowties are still at the stage of penetration at Drake that people notice when one is styling it and bring compliment to the wearer. They have definitely taken off with the pervasiveness of Greek culture websites dominating 34th street, and are continuing to spread.

I learned to tie my bowties from the following website:

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