Tuesday, June 17, 2008


DC kicked my butt today.  We had alot of really important briefings.   We then watched the mmovie Encounter Point, regarding peace groups that consist of Palestinians and Israelis.  

Why on earth would anyone go to Jordan?

I have been asked that question alot.  In 6th grade, I was sitting in Mr. Farnsworths class.  The principle came over the PA system and told us new york had been bombed.  Since then I have had a fascination with what the heck is going on.  I wanted to know all about our “targets” which were arab muslims.  Supposedly these people, whom I had never heard of, decided that my fellow americans.

Jordan was the best way to find that.  I found out that there is very few people who would even entertain the idea of the destruction of America.  Jordanians wept when those towers came down.  

We are going there to learn arabic and be cultural ambassadors.  Jordan does not have alot of American traffic.  There is no oil, and it is located between two very hot areas.  These reasons, and the budding tourism of Egypt and Israel, keep Jordan out of the lime light.

Jordan is a somewhat westernized, very safe country.  It has a tradition of alliance with it’s neighbors, including a peace treaty with Israel, and it’s kings wear suits.  Jordan is the safest place to learn arabic.

It is for that reason, as well as the culture and hospitality which I have fallen in love with, that our team will be in Jordan.

Personally, I wanted an experience like none other.  The other side of the world, in the heart of the Arab Street, is one hell of an experience.  There is no better wya to learn arabic, than to live there.  The feeling of assimilation one feels after getting through such an experience does wonders for the maturity level.  I am young, mobile, and a little bit crazy, hence why I will soon be heading to Jordan.

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