Saturday, June 7, 2008

I am officially a Bulldog.  I got all the classes I want at orientation on Thursday and Friday.  It was a pretty sweet orientation, and got me very excited to be heading off to Drake come fall.  We had a lot of interaction with out future classmates.  Drake seems to be drawing kids from all over, and there is not a stereotypical student that I can pick out.  There was 2 times when I got to interact with professors.  The Dean of Arts and Sciences college, who insisted we call him Keith was the first one.  Just the way he talked and the mannerisms in which he spoke and worked the room was really different than High School.  You can immediately tell their is a very high level of intelligence with the professors, but also the ability to relate.  

The marketing department for the college people also seem like a really nice group.  I had a meeting with one guy, who has some sweet tattoos.  That is definitely not something I expected to see.

I am very stoked to have met a lot of IR kids.  The arabic language is going to be represented.  I met a guy who will be in Jordan while I am there this summer visiting his Iraqi family.  It is a very big plus for the university to know that bulldogs both go, as well as come from abroad.

I finally found some of the more kids who are coming to Jordan on Facebook.  I am really stoked to go but have to take care of this little thing prior to heading off.  tonight, at 7pm me, and the 250 people I have known forever, will join the ranks of Waunakee alums, as the Class of 2008.  That’s right folks, tonight I, Ian McKinley Weller, Graduate!!!!!!!!!!! 

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