Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We are finally settling in.  The room is continuing to be spiced up, with the added touch of flowers in honor of Patrick’s birthday.  Today we ran around the citadel, a roman ruin on top of the city, then the old Souq (arabic for market), which is the center of the town.  That was intense, and our group got separated in an alleyway dedicated to selling fruit.  At least it smelled good.  Eventually we made it back, and everyone ended up in a really nice restaurant, which I had no idea was in such a poor area.  We ate the Jordanian national dish mensaf.  This is rice, a steamed yogurt used as a binding, and lamb.  It is very good.

Then we hiked up another hill to Wild Jordan, a very posh place run by the Jordanian version of the DNR in conjunction with craft makers from Bedouin areas.  

I got my phone today and will soon be able to drop lines stateside.  Tonight we are prepping for Dana Nature preserve.  This is a lot like the badlands national park.

The internet is down for two days in the hotel, and we will be traveling, so by the time this gets posted, hopefully more can be said about Dana.

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