Monday, June 9, 2008

Bulldogs on the homefront

 I am from Waunakee WI, you may have heard of our largest suburb, Madison.  Ok, so only a few people in our town tell that joke, because only a few people live there.  it is about 9000 people.  My high school runs about 1000 students.  No one has gone to Drake for a few years, and people recognize it, but do not have a clue where it is...

Yesterday, I went to 14 graduation parties.  Most of these are all with the same people, so by now everyone has said as much to each other as they could.  So now people are trying to interact with the families.  I wore my Drake shirt, which I picked up at orientation.

My Drake shirt was like having gold at some of these parties.  I found out alot of my friends families all come from Iowa.  Upon entering the parties they immediately wanted to share how much they love Drake Relays, or how pretty the campus is, and how they are so thrilled I am going there-even though I just met them.  I have also met alot of Alumni in my town.  All of these people are upper middle class, and gainfully employed in their field of study.  Both of Kelsey's parents went at Drake, one is teaching, the other is in technology.  Angela’s dad went to law school there, and is now a federal judge.  Rachel’s attended Drake, and is also a teacher.  Where ever you go, bulldogs will be there to support you.

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