Friday, June 13, 2008


A lake disappeared this week due to the insane amount of rain we are getting.  I hope this makes up for the utter lack of rain I will be experiencing while in Jordan.  Packing, while working on throwing a Grad party for myself is turning out to be interesting.  It’s a very existential feeling, trying to fit everything one needs for 2 months into a bag.

I finally have got in contact with most of our team.  Everyone seems really cool.  There also seems to be a female majority on the trip.  

I have some long plane rides ahead so, inshaallah, I can knock out some bigger thoughts.  If anyone is interested in Jordan, the book I just finished was Live from Jordan by Ben Orbach.  It was very good, and is helping me get more and more excited for the trip.  


Ben said...

Hi Ian,
I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed my book, Live from Jordan, and I hope that it serves as a good reference to you and your colleagues as you spend your summer in Jordan as cultural ambassadors. It sounds like a great program and if there is a way for me to support you and other participants, or to act as a resource, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best of luck,

Ben Orbach

Sammy said...

I'm so excited to hear about it hon! Write lots and lots so it feels like I'm back home! ;P

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