Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sittin on a dock of a bay

I had a reader ask the other day: Ian you live in Iowa: are there any lakes?
Yes there are. Every spring Iowa floods and you can sail all the way form Dubuque to Des Moines. Just kidding. Yesterday I went to Grays Lake. This is a 2 minute car ride, or a 3 mile walk from campus. Around the lake is a lighted path. There is also an interesting strolling bridge over part of it as well.
This could be used as a fun/cheap place for a date, to hang with friends, to get away from campus or whatever. When you look for schools make sure there are social things to do. You should be studying nonstop 24/7, (another JK-always take some time to relax and let out off steam.) Be mindful of the seasons as well. In the Midwest we have some very distinct seasons but social activities change from season to season.
There is another very large lake for boating and fishing about 15 miles north of town. I have not been there yet but we are planning on going camping and having a bonfire once the weather gets really nice.
Also from talking to older students about this topic: Make sure if you are going fishing that you have a fishing license in the state. A buddy is from Wisconsin, fishes all the time there, has a permit, for Wisconsin. Apparently that does not hold up in Iowa. He got a $100.00 fine from the gentlemen of the IOWA DNR, so check your laws.

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