Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'll follow the sun

I used to attempt to take naps in the late afternoon. Now I can get in a 30 minute nap right before my first class. The reason for the change is my dorm window faces the sunset. I can come in to a gold wash over all of my yet to be done laundry and books. Wasted time never looked so pretty. Therefore I am going to attempt to capture a sunsets/maybe even sunrise over Drake photo montage. It is currently cloudy so I doubt I will have many to publish. It occurred to me that some of the best sunsets I have seen have been on campus. The best I have seen were in Wadi Rum Desert, everywhere else in Jordan, Hawaii, and the few times the sun did set in Alaska. Back home had some cool ones too, but my proximity of living there might have had something to do with that. I counted the other day and saw a 14 jet trails in the sky. Some of these help facilitate such gorgeous sunsets. Yesterday while walking I looked directly up and fully expected two jets to crash into each as they were about to meet. Thankfully they did not. This site however proves we do get a fair amount of airline traffic probably coming in and out of Chicago, St Louis and Minneapolis.
My dorm has a chimney on it from probably something to do with the heater. Occasionally on a perfect morning I will be coming back from PT and the sky will be deep jet blue. The Sun will just be coming up which means it will turn the steam coming off Morehouse a very light pink color. It is very pretty along with the rest of the campus at all times of day, but especially during the Golden Time.

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