Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dead right round the poker face which was kissed through a phone for giving you hell

All of my posts, at least the ones back Stateside are titled after songs. I absolutely love music. So here is my take on the current top 5 songs, courtesy of Billboard.com
#1 Flo Rida-Right Round-Ah yes the knock off of Dead or Alive’s You spin me Right Round. Great beat, always played at the club. At the Rez Hall ball this was the song played during the dance off. I felt really bad the other day having to explain the meanings of the lyrics to a rather conservative friend of mine. All in all a totally hip, completely forgettable song
#2 Lady Gaga-Poker Face. Gags signature sound, again, after her Just Dance, which also went through the roof. I imagine this will get over played on top-40 radio. Another club song which will get remixed a million times. I thoroughly enjoyed OAR’s Crazy Little Game of Poker, but Gaga ode to Hold ‘em is going to make me fold.
#3 Soulja Boy-Kiss me through the phone. Far too many nights spent bouncing left and right to this song at the club. The original Soulja boy dance still fills the dance floor, and after that it has been downhill. I mean really? Kissing someone through the phone? You just made out with AT&T! Another really forgettable song.
#4 TI and Justin Timberlake-Dead and Gone. It is nice when an artist gets out of the club scene of middle school pop to serious songs. Nice job TI and JT. A nice song with an essence of Collio’s Gangsta’s paradise. I am also diggin the hook. Probably one of the better rap songs this year.
#5 All American Rejects: Give you Hell. The epitome of Pop Punk. Great hook, and the music video rips on suburbia. Imagine if the preps of your school moved next to the punks, then decided to have a sing off. This song has been stuck in my head all day, and I am pleased that it made the cut. AAR: ROCK ON!

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