Tuesday, March 31, 2009

you make me feel like dancing

Imagine a small ballroom, even Cinderellaesque. You are dressed to impress with your best black and white. Your date looks stunning. As you and all your friends enter the Ball you are impressed with the entire wall of speakers, lights and subwoofers pounding out that latest dance groove. You give a nod to the DJ up in the booth as he mixes out new beats to your favorite songs. You have just walked into a Drake University Morehouse Residence Hall tradition: The Rez Hall Ball.
I am Vice President of my dorm, thus I am part of the Executive council for said dorm. Every year our dorm puts on a ball. This is the closest thing Drake gets to a Prom. This year we had the help of the Herriot Hall EC as well, which made planning go very well, and they also did an excellent job getting the word out to the other dorms.
The reason we have this is that the Greek System generally has a lot of formal type events. However only ¼ of the school is Greek. That means there are a ton of people who would go to such an event but have no opportunity to do so.
This year was the largest turnout ever. I am quite pleased of the work that was done, along with the EC. Everyone said they had a blast and that it was nice to have a change up of social activities on campus.
Readers who knew of my involvement in high school: Yup through my first college dance, and it went quite well!

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