Tuesday, March 31, 2009

in my room

Managed to clean my room today. Something tells me that sentence if published on facebook would get my parents to hit the “Like this” button. It is far too early to put up a packing list for college but there are some suggestions: do not over pack. I have tons of clothes here that are more or less sitting in suitcases. I did not really take back too many clothes over the breaks, so they are still here. Now it is rather pointless because it will soon be shorts weather. One of the issues I have is shoes. There are many shoes, all over the place. Find something to organize them if you have them. In order to justify myself they each have a purpose: black street shoes, two pairs of dress shoes, some brown casual shoes, two pair of running/athletic shoes, combat boots, and snow boots.
Get into a system of where to put things, especially things used frequently, such as books. My helmet and uniform always go into the same spot, along with my other ROTC stuff. Make sure you and your room mate discuss levels of comfort with cleanliness. If either of you are having guests, make sure to clean, spotlessly prior to their arrival. Extra cleaning should be taken care of if parents are arriving, and/or females.
Make sure you have some decoration in your room. Getting a calendar helps greatly. I have one of 1000 places to see before you die, and my roommate has 1000 places to see in Ireland. Adds a nice touch, and makes it feel more homely. Your room speaks a lot about you and when you all move in people will immediately associate your room with your personality. Also do not be afraid to change around your room at semester or whenever to keep it interesting.


Mocha said...

It's a great thing that you have managed yourself to clean your room before anything else.

RandiLines said...

"Also do not be afraid to change around your room at semester or whenever to keep it interesting."

i have taken advantage of that one!

and do you think next year will be easier without a roommate?

Sandy said...

There are a lot of things inside and outside of your homes that are not in used. By putting them all in your storage room would help clean up the mess but what if your storage room is full? So it is also better to give away your unwanted stuffs or do a garage sale. In both ways, you can get rid of those stuffs and mess.

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