Thursday, December 18, 2008

No, Woman, No Cry

I want to apologize dear readers for my lack of posting.  We had finals which were very intense so I will slowly try to work on back posts:


I had my eyes opened up a few evenings ago.  Over the speakers of one of my favorite places to hang out in the evenings came on Bob Marley’s song: No Woman No Cry.  There was a group sitting around and everyone started to sway and sing along.  After the song was done, there was some major bonding.  It will be a sheer pleasure and joy if I see any of these people over the month long break.  For so long this place, these people, and this college thing has ruled my life.  I have enjoyed my first semester.  I akin it to being abroad, though the culture shock is different.  However the feelings of happiness are the same, and the feeling of ones place also stays.

  At the end of the song someone made the comment that it was a great song but was not very enlightening in terms of romance.  They, and truth be told I, always thought it was No Woman, no cry.  This would imply that hey man, even if you don’t have a woman, no worries.  However, the gentleman speaking told us there was an extra comma, which completely changes the meaning of the song.  In fact it should be written No, Woman, No Cry.  Implying the woman should not cry that “everything’s gonna be alright.  It is true the words Bob sang, that “everything is gonna be alright.” 

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