Thursday, December 25, 2008

First day off

Wow we have tons of snow here.  Iowa wasn’t bad in terms of snow, but there was always a  nice breeze.  Woke up this morning, and for once in almost the last two years, had nothing to do.  No papers, no meetings, no classes, no anything.  It was great!  However I am worried about boredom.  I went back to my old high school, and talked to some mentors and students.  I also was blessed to hear my former orchestra play. 

            I do not really have any huge plans for over break.  I will see friends, family and the norm.  Soon, I will head to Milwaukee for a day to see the Titanic exhibit.  When I was younger I was a huge maritime history buff, especially on the Great Lakes.  Later on I will be giving a panel discussion on college life to my former school’s senior class.  I hope to intersperse my postings with those answers.  All in all, very good to be home again.  

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