Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bulldogs n books

These last few days have been damn near perfect.  First off last night Drake beat Iowa State by 3 points even though we were down most of the game.  My friends and I got to watch it at a sports bar near campus because the roads were too nasty to try to get up to Ames.  It was an excellent game, and a nice atmosphere. 

My Arabic exam came back, and it was really good.  I found my ring from Jordan that I thought I had lost.  Currently I am out of books to read as I just finished The Sex Lives of Cannibals, which has nothing to do with sex or cannibals.  It was a wonderful light book about a guy who spends 2 years in Kiribati, smack dab in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  I was delighted as I was finishing when he talks about re-assimilating to Washington, and having to travel as a consultant for a development project.  He ends the book traveling, with escort, through my beloved Jordan to see Petra.  I didn’t know that was even in the book so I was quite pleasantly surprised.  There is not anything major going on at Drake, as we are all hunkering down for Finals week.  There has been lots of studying to do, but there are plenty of study guides handed out.  This shouldn’t be too bad.  The construction that has dominated my walking life for the past 3 months is finally over, which means new routes to make use of around campus.  

            On Monday I attended the RHA presidents board meeting and picked up a whole thing on different programs for the hall.  I am applying to become an RA and will keep you updated on such proceedings but hopefully I shall get to use some of the things I learned at that meeting. 


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