Wednesday, November 26, 2008

There's no place like home

            “Go to class, we are paying for you to get an excellent education which means you better go!” is how I imagined my father telling me not to skip my last class before break.  So I did go, along with other people-not everyone left, and we actually had a great discussion on Obamas cabinet, and we got let out early.  Then I packed into a Camry with 3 other students and we headed back.  I have seen some amazing Iowa sunsets and last night, though driving the other way, I kept looking back on an absolutely gorgeous one.  (There’s probably a metaphor in there about looking back on my first Drake experience and beauty but I digress, as I am not a philosophy major.)  I arrived home to a shopping spree/makeover-not my idea I might add.  I was however in need of a new suit, which prompted a new jacket, belt etc.  The folks on those makeover shows would have been impressed.  Then I headed the Mecca of fine Wisconsin dining: Culvers.  Few words can describe the goodness of ones first foray back into the fried cheese world.  (Des Moines does have a Culvers, and it is good, but we have only been there once)  Then I finally got back and just sprawled out on my couch talking to my mother who is making what smells to be an excellent thanksgiving feast, my father and friends.  It is very good to be at my other home, though this one is lacking the wonderful unlimited soft serve ice cream of Hubbell.  

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