Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last night was a monumental moment in my life.  I was in room 234 Morehouse with Dave Kyle Scotty and Katie when it was announced.  I akin the moment to where I was when I learned of 9/11.  It seems very ironic, that 9/11 and the events that spawned after have defined my generation.  And now change has come.  Obama is president. 

There is nothing else like America, and last night is what it is all about.  People were mad as hell with out leadership.  However we did not kill Bush, we did not incite a riot.  We voted, and we changed it.  No shots were fired, only ballots cast.  People across the world rejoiced, and the good senator from Arizona conceded.  As an IR major, I have spent the past year studying different revolutions and take over’s.  To see the change of leadership of the free world over night with simply asking people who they want, is a monumental thing.

I love my country.  It was such a shame when I was abroad to hear about how much people loved our country, our culture, our music, our movies our food.  But they detested our government.  Hopefully they will not anymore.  I used to worry that someday my kids would ask me what America was like when I was growing up.  Hopefully with the change in leadership, I can tell them the path America is on to once again being a symbol of freedom and good started last night.  It is for reasons like last night, that I am Proud to be an American.





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