Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A math test above the rest

Today I got an A on my math exam.  I do not believe I have gotten an A in math since probably middle school.  It was definitely a time for celebration.  Then I got back to the dorm only to find that a friend needed help replacing a flat tire.  So we got a bunch of us out there and ended up fixing two cars.  It was cold, but it shows the family vibe we have on our floor.  I am very happy with how things turned out, these are people I know I can count on.  We try to build on the good vibe by everyone having a meal with each other at least once a week.  I remember when I was younger my mother insisted on us having a sit down family dinner as much as possible with everyone there.  I think that really contributed to how much I got along with my folks and little brother.  It is a policy I will try to implement if I become an RA next year, which I will be shooting for.

            In hopes of keeping up with the international theme of this blogs origin, I have applied to spend a summer once again in the Arab world studying Arabic.  I have no idea if I am going to be accepted, but really hope so.  In other news a Drake trip has been pre-approved for next summer to the Middle East with Dr. Hamad, or resident Arab.  I enjoy his teaching and registered for one of his classes today.  I will be taking World Politics, Psych+lab, Macro Econ, Arabic, PT, and another army class.  Tonight there is a comedian on campus again, so we are going to check that out.  

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