Sunday, November 30, 2008

ridin along in the automobile

In the style of previous posts written somewhere over the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea: I am currently somewhere in Iowa heading back to Drake.  I had an excellent weekend though I thoroughly missed Drake.  On Thursday morning I woke up to realize I had nothing to do.  There were no tests to take, no classes to go to, no essays to write.  I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I ended up going for a jog.  The town looks the same for the most part but it did not feel like my town anymore.  Throughout the weekend Drake friends called or texted, so I was never really out.  I did get to see Badger hockey and basketball which was nice.  Some Waunakee friends joined me for the hockey game and the badger game was a good chance to catch up with my father.  I managed to see almost all of the folks I spent time with when I attended high school, which was nice.  Some people have really matured, and others might take a little longer.  Major changes however were not expected until maybe a year out. 

            The drive is pretty in a simplistic sort of way.  This is definitely not Hawaii, but there is an allure to this state I now call home.  The farm fields are slowly being dusted with snow as we pass forgettable small towns.  It reminds me of the road from Amman to Aqaba, with farmland substituted for desert.  Tranquility is very present.  The drive is not hard, just monotonous hours before I reach my new home.  A girl asked me if I would like to go home next weekend, as she lives nearby and did not head back for break due to family visiting her at Drake.  I replied that Drake is my home and I need to stay there as much as possible.  (I made it 3 months before heading back to where I grew up.)  I do really feel as if Drake is my home, and I cannot wait to get back-hopefully we stop soon-my bladder is calling.

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