Tuesday, July 1, 2008

frisbees and windows

I survived half the week of arabic so far.  That is 10 hours of instruction under my belt in two days.  yesterday I tired to teach my Ameia (Jordanian street Arabic) teacher how to throw a frisbee.  It was horrible and he managed to hit a window.  We have gotten a few games of Ultimate with the other americans and the Jordanians who hang around the Language Center.  Jordan must be perceived as safer due to the influx of American students.  My arabic has gotten a lot better.  Almost everyone in our team speaks another language fairly well.  Most of them are spanish and french, which they started in middle or high school.  Imagine if we started Arabic and Chinese in the first grade.  Our Foreign Policy issues would be taken care of in 10 years.  Culture shock is setting in for some of the students.  They are very smart and very committed, but there is a lack of closeness between the entire group.  Some little groups have started to form.  I assume that will change when they move out, which will be very soon leaving me and the 3 other alums to living in the hotel for the rest of the summer.  We have our first test in a few hours so I should probably go study for that.  Hope everyone is well.

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