Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Night to Di for

It was an amazing night.  Diana Krall, the Jazz singer came to perform at the Citadel in Amman.  Something like 2000 years ago the Roman empire constructed a bunch of columns on the highest hill they could find.  The standing columns and the church thats left were the backdrop to Diana’s 2 hour performance.  I have decided this is the best location of any concert I have ever been to.  It was all outside and the stage was a bare bones speakers and light trusses.  this meant the glow of the green minarets could be seen for miles out behind her.  Being in the center of the city was majestic when she stopped playing, turned off the lights, and the call to evening prayer rang out over the hills.  A slight breeze was blowing in the warm air, which prompted to band to start playing “Windy” without missing a beat somewhere in the second song.  It was amazing jazz music, and the crowd roared for the encore of Get Your Kicks on Route 66.  

The security was amazing.  The citadel is still a city on top of heavy walls.  Everyone 25 feet was another soldier making perimeters around the festival grounds.  I imagine this was the first time there was such security at the place since the time of Caesar.  

It was just a perfect night.  Ended up seeing a bunch of people form the embassy, and met some young jordanian professionals to share the evening with.  We were talking about the plight of refugees shortly before the show started when I saw something that made me long for certain people back home...

The big dipper was pouring its magic right onto the stage.  In between the stars of the jazz world, and the stars of the constellations a shooting star streaked across the entire sky.  I have never seen one last a full 6 seconds before.   THe timing was perfect, the place was perfect, and only having certain people here would have made it any more perfect.  

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