Monday, July 7, 2008

People to People

Sean and I had the most successful meeting possible the other day.  We were told to meet at the King Abdullah Economic Fund for Development.  It was never very clear what we would be doing, so we went in with low hopes.  We dressed up for the occasion, and prepared to be acknowledged at the meeting, but were not sure if we would even speak.  One of our largest roles is working on connecting our team, as well as futures teams, with youth in Jordan and civil society in general.  My favorite Jordanian family, the Al Bashir’s, who I am still certain run the country (as it appeared last year), managed to set up this meeting for Sean and I to work on getting our Civil Society mission complete.  We entered the room and were introduced to everyone.  Turns our the Al Bashir family had arranged for a personal meeting for us with the Royal We Are All Jordan Youth Commission.  We ended up with a gold mine of contacts and possibilities to pursue.  

Things are getting into a pattern.  Almost everyone is in home stays now, and we are living in the hotel.  This has given me time to start reading, and I managed to find a book on Pirates.  With any luck I will get to go Pirating in Aqaba when they students are with their families for the weekend.  

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