Monday, July 28, 2008

These are a few of my Favorite things

I miss a lot of my friends, family, and other important people.  in terms of materialistic things though, heres the list:

Good Chocolate Shakes-For whatever reason, the McDonalds and Burger king machines are perpetually broken.  The ones made in blenders at coffee shops, are not up to par.

Root Beer-I finally found there is some in the country but it is way too expensive, and every wisconsinite knows A&W does not even come close to Sprecher’s

Cheese Curds-There is something close here called a Sambousa.  It suffices and I have found a good restaurant close by.

Driving-survived my first accident in a taxi the other day.  It is nearly guaranteed to get in at least one accident if you spend amount of time here.  The driving is insane.

Free Refills

Tap Water

Jokes in English-when translating, not that funny, go figure.

Good Internet Connection-sorry for the weird times this comes up

Cheap phone calls, texting is cheaper but less personal

A good cell phone

Laundromat-not the bath tub

Bon Fires

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