Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Runnin down a dream

13.1 miles. Through suburbs. With 1000 of my closest friends.
Drake Relays 100th anniversary was a time to remember. In the first part of the year a cute girl asked me to run with her. I said of course, (as that is the only appropriate answer when a cute girl asks anything.) We ran 13.1 miles in low 50s on Saturday morning, the Half Marathon Road Race for Drake Relays. It was awesome. I was glad to just actually finish. The winner 1:08:17 which is a 5:13 mile pace. My running partner and I finished both under 2 hours. My time was a 1.59.30.
Iowa has an an amazing running scene. In two weeks is Dam to Dam, which is a 20k race from the dam at Saylorville lake, to the dam in downtown Des Moines. There is also the living history farms race, which is a through the woods, cross country, running through creeks race in the fall. Hopefully I can do that. I will be goading my brother to run the ten mile Waunafest run with me. My new life’s goal is to run the Dead Sea Ultra-Marathon. 50 K, start in Amman, and run to the Dead sea. Half of it is downhill, which will probably require knee replacement surgery. First I will finish college and all that jazz, but at some point, that little stroll is going to be mine!

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