Thursday, April 30, 2009

Harder Faster Stronger

I was promoted in ROTC today. I am now an MS-2. I wear the same rank as an E-4 (corporal/specialist) I have two bars now instead of one. Tomorrow is my last PT test. My legs still are not great so run time will not be much to note. However the magic number for me is 42. I need 42 pushups to pass. Other than that I should be golden. Wish me luck. BULLDOGS LEAD THE WAY!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ian. Im coming to Drake in the fall. Im looking forward to it. Just wondering abut what to do to prepare. Could you give us freshmen some advice. Also, how does the roommate situation turn out? Did youres work out well and are most people happy with it?


nice blog :) btw, it's 'assalamualaikum' :)

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