Thursday, April 30, 2009


A viewer complimented me on my Half Marathon run. Then they asked what I use in my playlist. The trick to this is to keep the music upbeat, but also have some run songs. This way you keep light as you are running for 2 hours, this needs to be fun and not terribly serious so here they are in order:
1. Startin out with Blink 182s Untitled-It has a good beat, and it’s a nice “here we go” song
2. We Ready by Archie. We are ready to rock this thing. A little more serious song to keep the focus at the beginning. Good rap, and decent hook
3. Out here Gridnin-Dj Khalid. Pump it up, talks about being out on the streets. “I can go for 8 weeks” great lyrics, because it is going to feel like you are running that long
4. Jesus walks-Kanye West. Good Marine Corps cadence in the background. Also nice to know you have god on your side. Definitely need something to motivate you on the run.
5. Yeah-Usher. Another feel good song after some serious stuff. This is where you start to loosen up and dance a little bit. Shake it out some.
6. Don’t leave me-Blink. Upbeat punk song, good song to kick to. This is also about where the race splits, and the half marathoners head on out by themselves. Nice to stay motivated when you start to see people heading for the end, of the 8k.
7. Shooting Stars-cauterize. Great song off the Eurotrip Soundtrack. Nice punk way to keep motivation. Awesome guitar riffs.
8. In the Middle-Jimmy Eat World. Nice motivating uplifting and punk songs. Just hearing this always bring out a smile in me
9. MnMs-Blink. Brought back good memories of jumping off tables while we plays at school. More solid punk
10. What’s my age again-Blink. One of the greatest punk songs. Also brings out some energy in me. I believe it was this part of the race I started air guitaring.
11. Sandstorm-Darude. Greatest techno ever.
12. My president is black-Jayz remix. Very uplifting song. We were headin up hill when this came on. I am pretty sure I might have charged up the hill because of hearing this and being inspired by the lyrics
13. Beer-Real big fish. Fun drinking song=fun running song. Another potential jump around and dance on the road. Very chill, keeps things in perspective but good beat
14. 99 red balloons- goldfinger. Punk up an already tight song. When the German breakdown comes it is time to lift up your head
15. Drink up me hearties (pirates of the Caribbean 3) -Very motivating, and who doesn’t want to be a Pirate in Des Moines
16. Not your boyfriend-3oh3. Intense, Motivating, and sweet techno licks. Always nice to hear about representing your city
17. Pirates theme techno-Why not?
18. Livin on a prayer-Bon Jovi. My running partner and I sang the lick: Halfway there: Whoaa living on a prayer! At the halfway point, keep rockin
19. Get a clue-simon and milo-Solid punk
20. I’m on a boat-The lonely Island. Finally SNL has gotten funny again. Awesomely wacky song. There have been so many I’m on a boat parties here its insane. Good memories and the techno version is great pace.
21. If everyone cared-Nickleback. Solid groove and intense. God way to keep up the focus
22. Phantom of the opera punk version-Why not?
23. Took a boy and made a man-army cadence. Nice to get my steps down and reminds me off all the Army Pt
24. Harder faster stronger-almost as good as sandstorm, good motivation towards the back end of the run
25. Airborne Ranger where have you been?-Army Cadence. See 23
26. Pink Rock 101Bowling for soup. More uplifting punk
27. The anthem-Good Charlotte. Good punk to remind me of high school
28. Relax Take it Easy-Mika. Memories of Jordan, and hey you are almost there, so relax, take it easy
29. Rock Star- Pink. So what Im still a rock star. ‘nuff said
30. Viva La Vida-Coldplay. Jacks me up every time I hear it. Great beat to set pace to. Very uplifting.
31. Numb Encore-Jay Z/Linkin Park. More uplifting, lyrics talk about being the best. Needing severe motivation at this point
32. Remember the Name-Ft Minor. Drake Athletics song. Great rap to push yourself to. Closing in on the end
33. Let it rock-Kevin Rudolph. Nice pace, solid pop.
34. Shipping up to Boston-Flogging Molly. Irish punk at the end? You bet. Very motivating. If you like the Pirates music, check out Flogging Molly. Great for the last kick at the end
35. Gonna fly now-Rocky-duh
36. Final countdown. This should be it. Thank you for running with us. You are now free to move about the cabin.

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