Tuesday, February 10, 2009

L is for the way you look at me

Romance is in the air for Drake students. I have the privilege of having my dorm located on a major thoroughfare of pedestrian traffic. My window overlooks the commons and this path. It is such a nice day out that I decided to open my window. While trying to study psychology at my desk, I have now been interrupted by female voices walking below. Of the past 5 voices of separate conversations, 4 have been conversing about romance. Names were mentioned regarding who they met this weekend, who might get married to who, and who their new relationship is. Another drawn out conversation was all about what Juliet was going to do with Romeo for Valentines Day. Presumably the lovebirds will find their way to Kissing Rock, especially if this weather holds. I doubt my psychology professor would agree to the validity of these statements, but of the 3 female alums I know who went to Drake, all are happily married to other Drake alums. (I also doubt the marketing department will use the slogan but: Come to Drake, get an great education, meet amazing people, have awesome experiences and fall in love)
Happy Valentines Day

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