Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spirit in the sky

Yesterday I was strolling through campus on my way to a Muslim store nearby to purchase a Qur’an-Islamic holy book-with a friend. She is a very devout Christian and wears a crucifix. That crucifix she wears is generally visible and she was worried that someone would give her trouble for it. It occurred to me that even learned scholars of Drake University do not really know a lot about Islam. In certain cases some may make a point to not do so because they may be afraid of it interfering with their own religion. Never be afraid of that, especially if your faith is strong. I am not entirely sure what I believe. I consider myself a Christian and do recognize God and Jesus as his son. Past the big stuff, I am not really sure where I stand. I just have lots of questions I guess. Over the past couple months I have been spending a lot of time with what I would consider more radicalized evangelicals learning about them and their beliefs. It is very interesting, and I rarely agree with many of their teachings but the point is they share when asked. Of this I am very thankful. My Muslim friends always do the same as well. If I had questions about Judaism I imagine I could seek out the same sort of fervor as well. The point is college is a time to wrestle with and form your beliefs. Drake has given me a very open place to do that, with people that will be accepting of wherever this journey may take me.

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RandiLines said...

Ian, kinda weird to read about myself, but not bad. Glad I can be there for you, will always be here, you know how to reach me.

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