Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Have a nice day

We came from places with weird names like Nairobi, Waunakee, and Minneapolis.  For the past four years we have studied in places with other odd sounding names: Buneos Aires, Al Cahira, Reykjavik and countless other small towns, big bars, and back roads.   Last night marked the last time all of us would be together in an academic setting.  These people have been my academic family.  The International Relations senior seminar not only taught us a lot but for the only time brought all of us IR majors together on a weekly basis.  We debated with each other, but also inquired and honestly cared about those gathered around us.  Applause was given when someone secured post graduate plans, and many smiles were cracked at the expense of our fearless leader, Dr. Skidmore’s, jokes.
            The group will go to lofty heights.  Some are heading into the bush in Africa with the Peace Corps, some are heading to policy and consulting firms.  Others are heading to graduate school, or in my case Officer Candidate School.  The gathered were easily some of the most brilliant and compassionate folks I have ever met, and it was truly an honor to be apart of the IR family at Drake.  As Dr. Skidmore thanked us for having a great class he ended with a very poignant phrase and a sly smile: “have a nice life.”  Then he walked out of the room.

We undoubtedly will as we walk out of the university and into our new world.  

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Nora Kreml said...

i think thats the first time ive heard someone say im heading into the bush.....

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