Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Every Little Thing is Gonna be Alright

I had a roller coaster week.  It started with a funeral for one of my favorite professors.  Then I was elated to see Jimmy Buffett with my girlfriend.  (Easily the best concert experience I have ever had.) Then I was brought back down the following day by having class-but without my beloved professor because he is in heaven.  The new professors did a wonderful job, but it still stings to walk in there.  Then on Saturday I went north with many of my fraternity brothers, for another funeral.  The father of one our senior members, who is also my housemate, passed away.  At the end of all this tumult, I ended up on the porch with many of them Saturday evening.  There was a fairly steady rain.  As the sun started to set, a break appeared in the clouds.  I grabbed my camera, a rain jacket, and sprinted towards campus which produced the following:
(My first Residence Hall-Morehouse)

Old Main and Cole Hall-Where I was employed for a year and a half)

Old Main, our country's flag, and a rainbow ending in Drake Diner-which explains why the shakes a so darn good.  

Old Main after the storm

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