Thursday, May 31, 2012

What I Learned from Drake

            This will be my last post for Drake.  I will still keep the site as long as my profession allows me to, but this is my last post under the umbrella of a Drake employee.

              As a recap, I started this blog because I was following Adam Kaduce’s writings while I was contemplating which university to attend.  I found his blog off the Drake site that many of you have found this one through.  Turns out he was also my tour guide (all three times!)  He was instrumental in my attending Drake, and helped me get set up with this position even before I stepped foot on campus as a student.  The title first came because I had graduated high school and would be in Jordan before starting my Drake time, thus I was a Bulldog Abroad.  I had no idea what would happen the other times I went abroad, and was thankful for Drake to be able to give me those experiences.  There have been definite lulls in my writing for a few reasons.  One was I was applying for a position which did not look kindly on an internet presence, but I obviously did not aquire that spot.  (However I did learn you should always try for things as I made it significantly farther than I could have dreamed I would.)  Other times Things got busy and or uneventful in terms of writing.  However I am most thankful for the times and the record this blog has been of some piviotal moments in my life: times abroad.  I am eternally thankful to Tim Schmitt for being a wonderful boss and providing insight both personally and professionally and allowing me to connect with Des Moines.  I am thankful to the other students who have read this blog and talked with me about it.  Most of all I am thankful for you, the reader.  This record of my times abroad and in college means the world to me, and it was great to share it with you.  Therefore I will leave you with this: A few things I learned at Drake

-There is a line-with what you do, with what you say, with how you act-do not cross it, hell don't even get near it.  College is a time to learn, and we sometimes have very hard lessons to learn, or even watch other people learn.

-The “I” drinking game-watch how much you say “I.”  There was a meeting I frequently had to attend for an organization.  One of the gentlemen in it would constantly go on tangents that had nothing to do with the job at hand.  It was turned into a game to count how many times the fellow used the word “I.”  Learning a great deal from how this made me feel to sit through it, I (start counting) realized it is something I (that’s 2) certainly need to work on.
-Work out, get your heart moving, and do so early, you will feel amazing.  There have been so many early mornings at Drake with Army ROTC that I am certainly in the top group for “most sunrises over the dorms witnessed.”  There is something magical about this campus at that time, doubly so when you are working out and then heading to breakfast with a great group of buddies.

-dining should never be rushed and should always be social
     If not then you are just eating.  There are plenty of des Moines dining options, and the campus food is actually not too bad compared to other places.  Do not be afraid to meet someone and share a meal.  At times of intense study, meals were the only time I got to see folks outside of class so it was great to have human interaction, which I strongly feel should be had every day. 
-There is always time for a beer, a shake or breadsticks (and on the best nights, all three) (The old Library/ my front proch, Drake Diner and Paul Reeveres respectively.)  There is a time fast approaching if you are still in college when you can not text 8 people and end up doing all three.  We call that graduation, make the most of it. 
-Find a favorite bar, a favorite study spot, and a favorite Des Moines getaway
     Library (old), 2nd floor East side study desk 2nd back with the bright overhead light, Gray's lake or Saylorville bonfire pits.  Lots of time spent at both, though I am glad to have spent time at less and more at the others, which you can figure out. 
-smile. at everyone.  Makes you feel great, and makes them feel great as well.  If Drake attached qualities of Bulldogs this would be on there; we smile. A lot. Regardless of whether you know the kid or not, it just makes for a happier campus. 
-Support your troops: attend an honor flight, or a memorial day ceremony.  I had no idea what I wanted to do when I got into college, but new that I never wanted to be associated with the military.  That slowly changed through the relationships and mentors I had found through the armed services, and the experiences I had. 
-Lead at some point, reflect on your day, your leadership, you can always improve something.  There are many leadership labs in the form of organizations at Drake.  Take them by the horns and really grow through your leadership.  Imagine what kind of leader you would be if your organization got to vote at the end of your tenure if you were allowed to put it on your resume?
-Take time to make an impact: someone’s life, the campus, abroad, etc.  It was interesting when I was leaving campus.  There was a gal I knew from freshmen year who was one of the few that I had stayed close with all through college.  She cried when we had our last lunch together, thanking me for the friendship and times we shared over the years.  That really moved me. 
-I am much more capable than I thought I was (revolution anyone?) You are too. 
-Many of the people you meet, you won't see after graduation.  This does not belittle your relationship or make it any less significant.  Things change, so make time in your younger years before life gets too busy.
-Happy hours are always happy
-Walks are always a great way to relieve stress or catch up with someone
-Hug often
-Bulldogs value friendliness
-Find out what you stand for, what you believe in, but don't fall for the first thing that presents itself
     understand that belief better than anything, know it intimately, fall in love with it-whether it is your ritual, your religious doctrine, or your soul.  College is a great opportunity to tangle with new ideas and beliefs.  You will always have Bulldogs supporting you.

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Great advice. Looking forward to see what the future holds for you.

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