Friday, January 7, 2011

Golden Glow

The day started off rather dreary and cold. This would be my last day on Drake’s campus for quite a long time. When I left work today at the admissions office, I wandered through Meredith and then by Morehouse-the places I have spent the majority of my Drake time. As I came out, the sun was setting, casting the warmest of golden glows on campus. I will miss Drake very much, but cannot wait to start the Egypt trip…

Normally I start these trip blogs with some sort of this is why I am going, what I believe we will accomplish, etc. This time is different. I am not leading anyone, I do not have a particular mission other than to just be there. We don’t have State Department meetings, embassy parties, or a schedule outside of classes. I am quite excited for this change of pace from my other endeavors in the region. I am also looking forward to the photography opportunities and challenges, which I hope to share here.

In terms of the recent bombings in my future city, which left 21 dead, we will keep our eyes open and our security tight. However we cannot, and will not back down. Putting Americans in the region, learning the language will continue to minimize the chances of these atrocities happening again, as was the case in Jordan. No Americans were targeted or killed in this particular attack, and both Butler and other organizations I seek counsel from have deemed it a safe place to travel. Regardless of kill counts and risk, dialogue promotes peace, and soft diplomacy, of a people to people style is one of the best ways to promote a common understanding between cultures.

“A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for”-G. Hopper

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