Sunday, October 26, 2008

Parties of Politics

            I managed to get an interesting look into the Republican Party the other night.  A couple of my friends on the floor are fairly active in the McCain Palin campaign.  Governor Palin came to town on Saturday.  My friends mentioned that the rally would need some help with introducing Palin to the city.  I figured that would be a pretty cool way to spend a Saturday, so I crossed party lines and went to the prep session Friday night.

            Apparently we were not going to be doing any introducing, but acting as ushers for the masses that were apparently going to be attending the rally.  The interesting part came when they mentioned protesters.  They said we as volunteers were to be stationed throughout the crowd once everything got under way.  If we heard protestors we were not allowed to touch them-apparently there was an incident in Detroit.  Then we were supposed to start the USA chant, which would hopefully drown out the protestors.  This was also the buzzword for the police to come in and “remove the threat”.  All very interesting.

            I came down with a nasty case of the flue on the day of the rally, so did not attend.

            Earlier in the week, the writers and minor voices of Family Guy came to campus, and did stand up.  It was Hilarious.  I have not laughed so hard in my life. 

            Last night I saw Body of Lies.  It was a good movie, though it supposedly took place in Amman.  None of it was shot there.  They claimed a structure was the US Embassy, which is blatantly wasn’t.  There was also talk of massive Al-Qaeda influence in the country.  Not in Jordan, the secret police so damn good that even though Jordan is right in the middle of the hotbed of terrorist activity, there has been one bombing since 9/11.  Half the country is in the government, and keeps it’s eyes open all the time.  However in terms of the story, it was pretty good.  

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