Monday, October 13, 2008

International Weekend

This weekend was a very culture intensive weekend.  I was trying very hard to keep my mind off of the homecoming festivities taking place in my hometown.  I am pleased that I managed to stick it through and will be able to return at thanksgiving to see my family.  To make up for the homesickness, during fall break I shall be heading up to Minnesota to meet with some friends.

On Friday night half of my floor, along with the Drake Muslim Student association, attended the International Folk Fair.  There were many different food stands.  I was a big fan of the Bosnian food.  I was talking to one of the cooks, and he said Iowa has the largest contingency of Bosnians in America.  Who knew the heartland had so much international culture? 

On Saturday night we went up to Ames to Iowa State University to a hookah bar.  Hookah for those who do not know is a mixture of tobacco and molasses and flavoring.  There is no longer the illegal substance stigma among the current generation.  In the Middle East, every coffee shop has hookah.  There were three different hookah places within 50 feet of my hotel this summer.  It is very relaxing, and above all else, a very social activity.  On the wall were pictures of the Middle East.  The captions were in English and Arabic.  One picture was taken in Lebanon, and the English said it was a grotto.  In Arabic it translated to bathroom, which I found interesting.  

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