Monday, October 13, 2008

Justice and Ambassador

I had an awesome weekend.  On Thursday, Chief Justice Roberts spoke at the Knapp center.  I was not terribly impressed with his content, but the fact that the most powerful judge in the world was in our presence was definitely something to behold.  I ended up getting to see an Iowa State football game on Saturday, after touring some of the small towns in Iowa.  Wherever you end up, get to know the area and the state as much as possible.  On Sunday I got to put my game face on.  Ambassador Pickering, who is the most decorated Foreign Service Officer to have served our country, was visiting campus.  On Sunday he also gave a talk in the Knapp center for a few hundred people.  The next day we gave a smaller talk to a group in the library.  Following that, myself two other students, a few alums, and my professor, had a personal lunch with the Ambassador.  This is one of the reasons I picked Drake-it brings in big names in all fields and gives students face time.  

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