Sunday, September 14, 2008


            This weekend was Rush, therefore a fair amount of the floor was working with the Frats and Sororities on which one they wanted to join.  This is an excellent way to meet people, even if you have no intention of being Greek.  The guys seem to have it much more laid back then the girls do, but there is also a lot more choices for the guys.  The girls have 4 houses and the guys have 8 different houses to choose from.

            For those of us who were not into the Greek thing, on Friday night there was a comedian on campus.  The headliner was Johnny Walker who has done a comedy Central special with his guitar.  He was hilarious, and the warm up act was pretty good too.

            This week is just full of good things for me.  There are numerous State Department people coming to campus this week.  One will be a recruiter, and another will be a gentleman from the same bureau that sent my team over to Jordan. Due to these appearances on campus I will get to make some use of the tie and jacket I brought.

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