Sunday, September 28, 2008

Livin for the weekend

This weekend marked I got to see people I have known for a long time.  It was Drake Parents Weekend.  My family came down for the event.  The highlights included red robin, red lobster, spending time with them at the football game, and watching the Greeks do a musical revue, which was really funny.  On Friday one of my friends came through because she was looking at Drake for college tours, so I got to have lunch with her.

            I don’t think college is the same sort of culture shock, as being abroad is.  However they are definitely close.  It was nice to be on my own for a month, but then sort of get reeled back in to those previous connections and family.  There definitely is some homesickness and culture shock going around, and people deal with it in different ways.  I have not heard of anyone dropping out of Drake yet after they have started.  Today my mother witnessed a freshman girl asking if she could just go back with her parents, and transfer to a different school.  The parents said no, she had to stick it out. My mother had the same issue when she went to college.  The first three weeks she hated it, but then fell in love with it.  If someone at one point felt strong enough to be here then they should at least wait it out through the semester.  I have grown to really enjoy this place, and my apprehensions about being down here have been settled.  There are people who occasionally bring up transferring, but it helps the floor bond.  Talking through these things with our other Drake family helps everyone involved.  I don’t think we will lose too many, if any, people on our floor.  It was cool to see the families this weekend, but it also really brought back homesickness for some.  Regardless of where one ends up, they should try to see it through a semester.  We always told our team that once they get over that three-week hump, the honeymoon phase ends, but then it eventually evens out and people adjust to the real life.  Most here love the real life; most love the Drake life.  

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