Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm Blue (toothin')

My macbook is going to be too heavy for the Caribbean adventure. I will be packing up all of my camera gear and a few pair of clothes in one bag. The airport layovers, ship to shore moving and town wandering I will undoubtedly do pretty much only allows for one bag. I will pack lite so we may go fast. I have agonized over the lightness of a tab (like Ipad or Galaxy Tab). Most of my computing involves writing (like this,) internet browsing and email. However a tab won't let me edit the photos that I take on my trips-a necessity for long term travel. At times like this, a rather short trip it is not worth bringing my laptop. Therefore for Christmas I picked up a wireless keyboard, and can use my phone as a storage device-relying on bluetooth technology. I am currently typing this post on the keyboard and phone combo and am ready to be able to blog from where the water is warm and free. (I will have to backdate everything, akin to this time last year when I did not have an internet connection due to the Egyptian Government throwing their country into the stone age)

Caveat: Ian, why don't you just hand write it?

My handwriting is atrocious, and I have an extra battery, so this will work fine without having to retype it all out. Plus I am significantly faster on a keyboard (even this new folding one) than I am with a pen and paper.

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