Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fins Up!

*Crack* Clank (of bottle cap)*Fizz*…”Fin’s up!”

The Landshark Lager kisses my lips in what is probably my favorite post to tell you about (without being shot at.) In honor of my fascination with Jimmy Buffett, sailing, travel, and rum, I looked into a way to change my latitudes and attitude this winter. My father and are will be heading for a week to the Grenadines (look it up) southeast of disorder (southern Caribbean.)

This will be the farthest south I have ever been, and if my astronomical calculations are correct, should allow me to see the Southern Cross (a Crosby Stills Nash and Young song, with a wonderful cover, by the mayor of Margarittaville himself.) I have never gotten to fully appreciate the Southern Caribbean. I had the opportunity to for my last graduation present, but the needs to the State Department outweigh family time on a cruise ship. Therefore I am stoked to head down there.

I will be learning to sail. By learning I mean I will be in an intensive class which will result in certification to charter a boat (Captain Weller, at your service.) So far the island has been getting hit with 20knot winds (Christmas Winds) which means I will learn a lot very quickly. The classroom will be a step up from my Hobie Cats on Gray’s Lake; a 40+ foot sailboat.

This will allow me to live out most of my fantasy’s as a pirate. The outfit we are going through is called Barefoot Sailing School. I will have more on the trip as I prep in the upcoming week. Till then,

Fins up!

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