Sunday, March 20, 2011

Running down a dream

“Hey is this lit up at night?” I asked as I checked my compass.
“Not really, why?” He replied.
“Awesome, when I come back do you think we can stop by here? The opening on the coastline there is perfectly lined up with the stars for a photo I would like.”
“Do you see that fence line? That is the Valley of the Witches. The army posts guards there, and something always happens every few weeks, so they run away scared. There are so many Gin here, we cannot be here at night.” My guide, who was cultured, spoke perfect English, and had travelled the world was deathly afraid of the Gins, which are spirit creatures, sort of like poltergeists. My photography has been halted by cops, cold, and clouds, but never by spirits. Until now; they are very prominent in the latest town we were in; Salalah.
My journal entry started: “I am in an airport. Waiting. Again.”
We flew down south to Salalah, where we witnessed a very different environment and culture. We also witnessed some of the finest Arab hospitality on a beach south of town, as well as the plain before the mountain where we had a bonfire, and a lecture on the Dhofar rebellion, next to a bonfire, with dinner, cake and smores. (Possibly my new favorite lecture style.) The fine white sand of the beach greatly added to my enjoyment. While we were waiting for dinner, I had laid back on my beach mat and looked up at the bright moon. Cheesy Arabic music was blasting from the parked car one of our hosts brought. A new song started, with the sultry introduction I love so much: Hotel California (Live.) I was under a full moon having BBQ on a beautiful beach listening to the Eagles. I am not sure what heaven would be like, but I imagine this is pretty close.
Verbatim from my journal:
“Ya Talal, you used to be a runner, care to go for a quick run down the beach?”
“Sure, are we jogging or running?”
“Let’s run!”
I took off. I was bounding through the receding waves. It felt good. It felt real good. A huge smile broke out over my face again for the second time that night. I extended my arms and closed my eyes. I didn’t jog. I didn’t run. I flew.

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Jane said...

Hi Ian, You write so well that as I read your last posting, I was flying with you, seeing that big smile on your face. I am so happy for you and your experiences. I hope you can get pictures of those stars sometime. Life is good at Drake. Spring has finally arrived after much waiting. Now we start the April showers which I love and it is my birthday month. Ha Ha Students are now returning from Spring Break and now the fun begins for them. Take care, be safe and happy. Till then Jane

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