Thursday, March 31, 2011

Material World

The next couple of years of my life will see me mobile. Very mobile. I already lead a pretty temporary lifestyle but just on the horizon I have: travel home for a few days, then move to Des Moines for winter until winter break, move stuff back home for Christmas, then Back to Des Moines, then move very little to OCS, then from there I could go anywhere. I know I will spend more time on my ship than not, which means no space for stuff. I am at the point in my life that I can shed a lot, and try to live with very little. I love reading about folks who consciously live out there with very little. I understand this is pretty much making poverty seem cool, but that doesnt mean going monk. (Although one of the coolest phrases I ever heard was "Live simply, so others may simply live.") that is not why I am doing this, it is so I may enjoy life more. Stuff gets us down, and creates clutter. If we focus on stuff we spend less time focusing on ourselves and those we care for.
I am worried what to do with sentimental things, like trophies and what not. At some point my parents will not need their current house-the one I and my brother grew up in. This translates to less room for stuff; particularily my stuff. It may be time to condense.
All of this is weighing in on my mind with my travel plans: the Emirates, specifically: Dubai. Consumerism at it's finest. Minimalist hell. I will keep you posted as to how I do.
I have been kicking around a shopping list. Most of the stuff I could get online in America, and very little of it do I need, but it will be something to see it all. I am dreading knicknacks, and trying to avoid bringing them back, as I do that on every trip. I think a nice, sturdy, quality article of clothing that I know I would wearand would remind me of my trip would be great (advice from my director, thanks Issam.) Right now I am thinking another blazer. I don't entirely know if I have a style yet, but in the 4 malls that I have to visit (class requirement:) )I imagine I will find something.

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Nora Kreml said...

ok, but just dont forget that while travelling and condensing, you still need that place to call home. you still need your roots to be somewhere, so you know that you'll always have someplace to come home to, somewhere you are always welcomed and you can have space to remember what got you to where you are. (parents house can count for that, if you want it to i guess)

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