Sunday, February 27, 2011

Revolution part 2?

2/27 Sunday 4:32
There is currently a sit-in taking place at the Majlis Shura (legislative advisory council.) The demand is for the removal of six ministers. This is taking place courtesy of the intelligentsia, who are advocating non-violence while pushing for a new constitution and structural change to the political apparatus.
Up North and in other cities the youth are conducting a different protest. They are pushing for higher education, employment, authority to be given to the Majlis, accountability from the ministers, and higher living wages. Oman: 28% unemployment, an unchecked monarchy, and more than half of the population has only known one ruler. Sound familiar? We shall see.
Right now there are reports which state either 2 or 5 dead courtesy of police, a few cops in the hospital, and the youth are mad as hell. Worries have come out that the youth aren’t going to exercise restraint, which is what troubles me most. Confirmed reports of tear gas have surfaced as well as allegations-and apparently a few bodies- of live ammo used. (This very well could be rubber bullets though.)
A hope gap exists within the youth. Hopefully this gap does not lead to a canyon filled with blood.
All of the dangerous stuff is in Sohar, which is a few hours from me up the coast. I haven’t got any pictures yet, nor seen anything but will keep you posted.

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jane said...

hey ian, revolution is following you in the middle east. be safe. just think of the stories you can tell your children and their children of the unrest now in the world and the impact it will have on all of us. this IS HISTROY in the making and you are smack dap in the middle of it. the only unrest here at drake for me is the cabin fever i have been having. the weather is turning nice, 50 today and sunny bright. most of the snow has melted and you should see the packs of robins fliting around campus. tons and tons of them. spring is sprunging. dont know if that is a word or not but you get the point. love reading your blogs. i can close my eyes and picture you there and myself. you are a great story writer. take care the girls and travis say hi. love ya jane

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