Wednesday, January 28, 2009

back in the saddle again

Wow the first week flew by. This weekend we made the trek out to Omaha Nebraska for the rival basketball game against Creighton. Drake won, which is an excellent and needed victory. Then I got to see more of the lovley state of Nebraska. I have never really spent a significant amount of time on this side of the Mississippi, so it is nice to be able to fill in my states visited application on facebook. Speaking of facebook if you are reading this feel free to contact me if you have specific questions-someone has already done that, and it would seem a very proactive approach to deciding which college one goes to. Talk to actual students!
Des Moines just got a new, and to my knowledge, our only hookah bar. The Arabic word for a moment as such is alhumdilallah-Thanks be to God! This is just another example of cheap legal things to do in the evenings in the Drake community. In fact I can throw a snowball from campus and hit it. One of these nights I will have to publish a post from there. I am sorry for the lack of recent posts. Things got hectic these last few weeks, but no not fret dear reader, I have not forgotten about you.

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Rebecca said...

Things are hectic here already, too. And it's only been a week and a half.

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