Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two down

I survived my first two days of classes.  Tomorrow I will be up before the sun, for a PT class led by of our nations ARMY.  It’s not that bad; push sit ups and a fair amount of running.  Should keep off the Freshman 15.

My Arabic class is going to be interesting.  Our teacher lived in the same neighborhood as Basma and her family.  We got to watch a travel documentary on Jordan in Arabic on the first day.  Drake has a really revolutionary way of teaching languages that focuses on conversation.  There will be very limited grammar training, which is excellent because it doesn’t really help you on the ground anyways.  I invite you to check out the DULAP program if you are interested in Drake.

My comparative politics teacher is from Egypt and will be planning a trip there in the coming years, so inshaalla I will be abroad again soon enough. 

I have yet to meet a teacher who is not passionate about their subject.  For example I am taking a stats class for social sciences (read how to conduct an opinion poll)  First day the professor asks who is excited for the class.  Not a single one of the 20 of us (small class sizes) raised their hand.  She replied she was excited enough for all of­ us.  The class shouldn’t be too bad and it is nice to know we have professors that are very passionate about their work. 

The dorm floor is clicking very well with each other.  We have even branched off to meet the other kids in the dungeon (basement) and the all girls floor above us affectionately reoffered to as the nunnery.  

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